01 Oct, 2018

How do we treat our farmers?

by María Docavo | 01 October, 2018

Of all professions, agriculture is the most important. Were we not able to buy food at the supermarket, we could not go to work every day. This idea is not ours, Amelia E. Barr says it in her poem "The Farmer"; cinema says it in films like "Interstellar" or "Wally"; the shield of the Polytechnic University of Agronomists of Madrid says it: "Sine agricultura nihil" (without agriculture, nothing). But above all, history says it.

It was thanks to agriculture that humanity ceased to be a nomadic species, and began to settle and form great civilizations. No city can exist without it; we have a good example of this with the disappearance of the Mayan civilization. After almost 4000 years of history, they abandoned their cities after years of drought that destroyed their crops.

This is not to say that farmers should be venerated as gods, nor that we should not comply with the demands of the law, mass distribution or society in general. The problem is that even in doing so, continual attacks against us in the media have left an impression on society. It does not matter that biological control has managed to greatly reduce the use of phytosanitary products, it does not matter that the fields of Almeria have not had a sanitary alert in ten years, nor does it matter that at Eurosol we decided to voluntarily audit the working conditions of our employees. The attacks continue, and even news published in Europe without any proven information is reported in the national media.
This blog was born out of the desire to respond to all of these points. A small David against Goliath from which we want to provide a defense for our agriculture that, although it is not perfect, deserves much more respect than it receives.