ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. Rev.10 (28/04/2022)

We consider that the development of EUROSOL S.A.T.´s activity must integrate sustainable development criteria that guarantee adequate management of resources and protection of the environment, and that respond to the demands of society.

The integrated policy is defined by the general manager, for the scope of sorting, handling and packaging of fruit and vegetable products and is based on the following principles:

1. Produce safe, legal and authentic products.

2. To guarantee maximum freshness of the products.

3. The fruit and vegetables will meet the quality requirements of current national and European legislation and the requirements of our customers.

4. To ensure the prevention of environmental pollution throughout the entire life cycle of our activity.

5. Promote that the responsibility for prevention and control of risk at work is extended to each employee, as a way of creating value in the organisation.

6. The company is committed to continuous improvement programs and will work with all its employees to achieve this.

7. Adopt procedures for setting objetives and targets based particularly on the minimisation of emissions, waste and land use, as well as for the review of these and the policy itself, in order to maintain its effectiveness in therms of respect for the environment.

8. To train all employees as a tool for continuous improvement, as well as in environmental awareness, for which it will arbitrate mechanisms that encourage the service of responsibility, and awareness of their work in the environment.

The responsibility for the compliance with and respect for the principles of the Environmental Policy, as well as for the establishing and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System, lies with the Senior Management of EUROSOL, S.L., which assumes the commitment to carry out this system in accordance with the precepts indicated in the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.
EUROSOL S.A.T, undertakes to review and adapt this policy to avoid obsolescence and to update it to changing circumstances of each moment.